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“Achtung – Mind the Gap”

Kate Installation

We are delighted to share some pictures and a video from Dr Kate McMillan’s commissioned work for the XXIV Rohkunstbau Festival at Schloss Leiberose, Germany.

Her Instructions for Another Future (my feet are ears), 2018, took the form of an HD digital film projection, 5.54, handmade airdryed clay hagstones, hagstone, spraypaint, and theatre lights. The sound included ‘Platter Process Two’ by Reluctant Carnivore/Karl Ockelford, developed in collaboration with the artist.

The film can be viewed on vimeo

This year’s theme for Rohkunstbau was: “Achtung – Mind the Gap”. Our picture shows Kate, who is a Teaching Fellow in Culture, Media and Creative Industries, at work on the installation in Germany.


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