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PhD surge

Andy Pratt has had a very busy, and successful, year with PhDs: he has had 5 PhD completions.

The year began with Jonathan Gander who successfully defended his thesis on “The organisation of popular culture production systems: a case study of music production processes in the UK.”

Over the summer things got busier. First Aaron van Klyton (joint with Geography) defended his thesis on “The Social Life of (world music) Musicians”. He passed subject to some corrections. Second, this week Tarek Virani submitted his thesis: “On Knowing Music: Examining the Role of Musical Knowledge in Music Scenes”. He will defend his thesis in November.

In the meantime, Andy has continued to supervise two PhD students who are registered at LSE (where Andy formerly worked). Jenny M’Baye wrote a thesis about “Hip-hop music in West Africa (Burkina Faso and Senegal): from cultural entrepreneurship to social change”, and Sabine Uffer has written a thesis on “Shrinking cities and governance: Berlin”. Both students submitted their theses over the summer and will defend them in the next month.

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