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Shadow (Minister) Boxing

2009brochureCentre Director Dr Richard Howells will be debating Shadow Minister for Culture Ed Vaizey, MP at the annual Battle of Ideas this weekend.

Can the Arts Save the Economy” will be the topic under dispute at the event, staged by the Institute of Ideas and held at the Royal College of Art in London.

Joining the discussion with Richard and Ed will be James Boyle, former controller of BBC Radio 4, Angus Kennedy, IT consultant, and Karl-Erik Norman the opera singer and Secretary General of the European Cultural Parliament.

The Battle of Ideas is an annual event, dedicated to “shaping the future though debate.” Participants include journalist, academics, politicians and public figures from across the UK. Sponsors include The Times online, the Economic and Social Research Council, SAB Miller, Shell Oil and the Welcome Trust.

For more details of this and the whole weekend, including tickets and booking, go to

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