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Why Queer Fashion is important

Veronica Gargallo Llamas When I tell people that I am doing my research on the topic of ‘queer fashion’ they mostly respond by saying that it sounds interesting or ‘cool’ but not necessarily knowing what it means exactly. I don’t blame them, even researching the subject myself sometimes I struggle to pinpoint an exact concrete… Continue reading Why Queer Fashion is important

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Researching Media, Gender, and Sexuality in East Asia

Dr Eva Cheuk-Yin Li Broadly speaking, my academic and teaching interests focus on two inter-related areas. Firstly, East Asian media and culture. Secondly, gender and sexuality through the lens of the multi-directional flows of transnational and regional popular culture, audience participation (or non-participation), and everyday practices. I am interested in understanding the interplay between media… Continue reading Researching Media, Gender, and Sexuality in East Asia