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Online Interviewing Tips for Researchers

Nina Vindum Rasmussen The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the need to carry out qualitative interviews online. In my PhD project, I’ve used both in-person and online interviews. I’ve been surprised to learn that online interviews can produce equally rich and sometimes superior data. They can be cost-effective, convenient, and quick. But there are also specific… Continue reading Online Interviewing Tips for Researchers

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Emotionally Demanding Research in Lockdown

Lauren Cantillon One definition of ‘emotionally demanding research’ is ‘research that demands a tremendous amount of mental, emotional, or physical energy and potentially affects or depletes the researcher’s health or well-being’ (Kumar and Cavallaro, 2017, p.648). There is an ever-growing literature on how to protect the mental wellbeing of a researcher or research team when… Continue reading Emotionally Demanding Research in Lockdown