Sustainable Cultural Futures

Policy Proposals to Tackle the Precarity in Cultural Work: A Case study of the UK

26th May 2023
London Time: 11am

Department of Cultural Industry Management
School of Media and Communication
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Global Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series

Join Professor Hye-Kyung Lee and Dr. Sana Kim for a discussion on precarity in cultural work on the 26th May 2023.

About the Event:
During the recent years, especially since the start of the COVID pandemic, we have seen a remarkable shift in cultural policy discussion from cultural creation to cultural labour. The ongoing concerns with the precarity in creative freelancing in the COVID and post-COVID contexts aptly demonstrate this. We will start our talk with briefly examining the overall historical and structural contexts for the current attention in cultural policy to labour issues. Then, focusing on the key findings of our literature review (ESRC-funded project ‘Sustainable Cultural Futures‘), we will examine what proposals have been made and what types of policy interventions have been called for to tackle precarity in the cultural sector. This will be followed by our findings from initial interviews with cultural unions and campaign groups exploring their positions on the suggested policy measures. Finally, key challenges for creating “cultural labour policy’ will be explained.

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