Upcoming CMCI Winter Festival 

The countdown for the CMCI Winter Festival has begun!  

The third-year undergraduate students of the BA in Culture, Media and Creative Industries at King’s College London are delighted to host the first-ever edition of the CMCI Winter Festival.   

The Festival Launch will be hosted on Monday 12th December from 7 – 10 pm at the Great Hall, featuring music performances, lightning speeches, and networking opportunities over some refreshments. This is a great opportunity to come along and get a first sense of what the CMCI Winter Festival will be like. 

The festival will then open its doors at the Inigo Rooms and Learning Centre in the prestigious Somerset House from 10 am until 4pm, from the 14th – 16th of December.  This first edition will showcase a diverse range of 14 multidisciplinary youth culture inspired events under this year’s festival theme, youth cultures. The programme will include hands-on sustainable fashion workshops, immersive experiences, films, music, and diverse talks by guest artists and creative researchers ranging from mental health to sustainability.  

Tickets for the CMCI Winter Festival 2022 are available from Eventbrite  

Performances include: 


Committed to moving the fashion conversation forward through broader youth participation and co-creation, Re2tro aims to create new access to a more sustainable lifestyle in everyday life for everyone. Revolving around slow fashion and upcycling, key activities include a one-hour panel discussion with Dr. Joanne Entwistle and a jeans-remaking workshop. This is intended not only to raise awareness of the importance and value of sustainable fashion, but also to inspire more participants to embrace the consumer practices of recycling and remaking. 

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Collecting Labels 

Collecting Labels is an immersive and interactive art exhibition and art workshop curated by a diverse group of students, inviting you to come and share your own migration stories and youth identity during our breezy KCL CMCI Winter Festival. 

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Sewing Futures  

Sewing Futures Fashion Show is breaking the barriers to entry within the fashion industry. We are providing a platform for young, passionate, slow-fashion makers of the future. Their work will be a plethora of upcycled, sustainably made clothing and will be displayed in the most conscious and responsible way possible.  

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A Conversation about Mental Health  

A Conversation about Mental Health is a mental health focused event that wants to bring students together in a safe space where they can watch a short movie based on youth struggles, listen to a speech on the matter and participate in a creative activity that will allow them to express themselves on our mental well-being canvas. 

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Women’s Voice: Hymns of Rebellion 

An interactive exhibition showcasing women using music as an expression of freedom and rebellion around the world. On the day of the exhibition, you will be seeing an interactive map that collects rebellion music from all over the world and the interesting stories behind them. Next to the interactive map, lots of old pieces of vinyl and posters will be exhibited on the wall. You can buy them at a very good price and all the money will go to DONNE, a charity focused on supporting and including women in music. Last but not least, there will be exciting performances given by King’s Dance Society and the guest from DONNE! 

@hymns_of_rebellion / Eventbrite 

Redefine Normal  

Our event, Redefining Normal, focuses on sparking an open discussion about female body image and stereotypical standards that have been encouraged by social media. We hope to use these conversations to help normalize different body types and inspire self-acceptance and confidence for all.  

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Cottage Core  

 “Cottagecore: An Exploration of An Internet Aesthetic” exhibition. This is a multi-sensory exhibition allowing our visitors to learn of cottagecore and simultaneously dive in to experience the internet aesthetic in real life. “As a concept, it [cottagecore] embraces a simpler, sustainable existence that is more harmonious with nature. Aesthetically, it’s a nod to the traditional English countryside style, romantic and nostalgic,” according to Davina Ogilvie, founder of Wovn Home. 

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The Closeted 

A participatory exhibition exploring East-Asian queer experiences and living conditions through multi-media expression. The exhibition is set in a closeted East Asian queer’s living space. Audiences are invited to immerse and explore this personal space by uncovering a wealth of “clues” in the space, through the process, they will actively interact with a variety of media, such as books, photography, video… so as to understand the present landscape of the LGBTQ+ groups in East Asia.   

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Join us at Undercurrent for an immersive experience in the depths of the ocean to learn about what’s populating its sandy floors- tonnes of plastic! Visit Undercurrent on 16 December 2022 at 1:30pm in -1.07 Inigo Room, Somerset House East Wing.  

@undercurrentatkcl / Eventbrite 


With the perfect blend of self-expression and a non-judgement free zone, we present to you our event – ‘Alter Ego’.  It is an all-inclusive initiative where the clothing items provided to you are not gendered. Which means you get to dress however you wish to whilst being an alternate version of yourself.  The most fascinating thing about this experience is that you get to develop a digital photo book that you can personalise to capture the whole process. So come join us on the 15th of December from 12pm-4pm at LC Room 4 (-2.11) to witness a new version of you!   

@your.alterego_ / Eventbrite 

City Zen  

Join the City-Zen interactive art workshop, where you can paint away all your stress and ignite your inner artist! Move and groove along with different categories of music. Let go, meditate, create, and feel great! 

@cityzen / Eventbrite 

Under The Reminiscing Tree  

Join us on December 14th from 10 am until 12 in the Inigo Rooms of Somerset House to delve into a deep reflection of your personal understanding of climate change. Immerse yourself in our workshop and decorate a tin can as part of a co-creative tree artwork!     

@underthereminiscingtree / Eventbrite 

Rainbow Me 

#🌈ME. The event is themed around the Rainbow, which is symbolic of the LGBTQ+ community. In response to the umbrella theme ‘Embracing Youth’ of the CMCI Winter Festival, this event is hosted with the aim of embracing, and bringing visibility to identities within the LGBTQ+ community as well as potentially providing an open platform for the more marginalized/unheard selves to be able to be freely expressed around the globe. The event is audience centered in its nature, exploring the ability to generate impact and encourage autonomy via audience participation. The event is heavily reliant on the participatory nature of social media and other creative, trendy practices that enable the audience’s creativity. 

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Aura’s Wonderland  

Aura’s Wonderland is an immersive experience which takes you on a joyful journey of self-reflection, where your preconceived concept of ‘rebellion’ is challenged. Take a trip to Aura’s wonderland to think deeper about the meaning, shape, colour and feel of rebellion. 

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This festival will be a canvas on which the different talented groups will come together to express their own understanding of youth cultures and will provide all the participants with the opportunity to take part in a rich collaborative experience.  

As the festival’s creative director, Ehyram Amegashie states “The CMCI’s Winter Festival is an opportunity to showcase the talent and creativity of the younger generation. We believe in giving our youth a chance”. Furthermore, the festival’s curatorial theme “embracing youth” embodies the main aim of all of the events is to provide a platform of self-expression for young society players. This festival is all about challenging, showcasing and experiencing what it means to be young nowadays through a multiplicity of creative and personal lenses.  

All of the events are free, however, registration via Eventbrite is highly recommended due to limited spaces/availability. Please make sure to register before attending any of the listed events. Nonetheless, we will regularly update our social media in the case of a sold-out event with information regarding waiting lists or last-minute spots, so make sure to keep an eye out. 

Prepare yourself to take part in an unforgettable and meaningful experience inspired by understanding and embodying youth! 

More information about the festival can be found at the Festival Website or you can follow us on Instagram @cmciwinterfestival2022  

CMCI Winter Festival / 14-16 December 2022 / King’s College London, Somerset House East Wing, London WC2R 2LS  




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