Inhuman Memory: Race and Race and ecology across timescales conference

On Tuesday 26th April 2022, CMCI Lecturer Clara de Massol and PhD student Anna Crisp hosted the Inhuman Memory: Race and ecology across timescales conference in the Anatomy Museum, King’s College London. 

The conference brought early-career and more established academics together, along with art practitioners, to discuss the connections between racism, environmental changes, climate justice, and systemic exploitation and extinction in relation to memory cultures, theories and practices.

In recent years, environmental humanities and critical race studies have benefited from exponential exposure and are often identified as posing the most pressing questions of our times. Following this momentum, this one-day conference proposed to look at the intersection of race and ecology to offer alternatives to the systematic and historical exploitation of colonial and capitalist politics. In recognising the multiscalar and multidirectional histories making and remaking the planet, the conference sought to interrogate the whiteness and the universality of contemporary environmental discourses.

The conference was funded by the faculty of Arts and Humanities, King’s College London and made possible thanks to the generous help of CMCI Senior Lecturer Jessica Rapson and CMCI MA student volunteers, Lily Kalafati and Céline Ufenast.

For more information on the programme and on individual contributions to the conference, you can visit the conference website