New article published in Innovation journal – Crafting professionals: entrepreneurial strategies for making a living through passionate work

Dr Lauren England

I am delighted to announce that my article “Crafting professionals: entrepreneurial strategies for making a living through passionate work” has been published in the Innovation: Organization and Management Journal and is available to download here for free (open access).

The article addresses how early-career crafts graduates often face a perceived dilemma, that of balancing passionate work with their need to make a living. This article explores the negotiation undertaken by early-career crafts graduates and identifies five entrepreneurial strategies adopted, which variably combine the logics of passion and economics and include different income generation and creative production models. The challenges associated with particular strategies are also considered. Providing insights into the ways craft practitioners structure and manage their work to sustain and develop their practice, the article argues for moving away from binary oppositions between passion and work in the creative economy in favour of a more balanced approach.

The article comes my PhD “Crafting Professionals in UK higher education: craft work logics and skills for professional practice” in the CMCI department in partnership with Crafts Council UK (2016-2020).