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Creative Work: Possible Futures After Covid-19 Workshop

Dr Roberta Comunian and Dr Lauren England in partnership with Dr Federica Viganò from the Faculty of Education of University of Bolzen have organised an international online workshop ‘Creative Work: Possible Futures After Covid-19’. 

The workshop will include 14 papers presented over two days (4th – 5th November 2021), with contributions from across Europe, the USA and South Africa.

More information on the programme is available here:

The Covid-19 pandemic has re-shaped the way we live and work. However, for some, like creative and cultural workers, it has exposed issues of precarity, heightened the need to rethink working practices and business models and created opportunities for structural intervention. The workshop includes research that builds on data collected in the past 12 months, with papers considering a range of challenges and changes that might have taken place and re-thinking creative employment. It aims to generate exchange and dialogue across experts to support creative sectors. Findings will be disseminated via an online report early in 2022.

The workshop is FREE but registration is essential via the following link: