Launching Event for Cultures of Care

Cultures of Care is an ongoing research project, led by Prof Nick Wilson (CMCI) that seeks to make a positive intervention in response to the current crisis of care. The opening event – on Friday 11th June 2.00-4.30pm (BST) – focuses on care in the context of Higher Education.

Amongst the questions being explored are – How do we care at work? What part does recognition play and how are systems of recognition embedded to create an organisational culture of care? How do we generate, nourish and sustain cultures of care at work? The focus is on Higher Education, but case studies are drawn from diverse fields – featuring CMCI’s (newly appointed) Dr Jamie Hakim and colleagues from The Care Collective; Jessica Atkinson and Chiltern Music Therapy (PhD student, CMCI), and Freya Aquarone (Education, KCL). There will also be responses from King’s Arts Health and Wellbeing, the Centre for Humanities and Health, and DISCE. Part reflection on the overwhelm which is being experienced in Higher Education and other areas as a result of the pandemic, and part forum for blue-sky thinking, this event is for all who care about people and the organisations and cultures we create.

Details of the Cultures of Care gathering on 11th June are here.

You can register here, and the Teams link to the event is here

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