New UNESCO report published: Gender and Creativity: Progress on the precipice

Dr Bridget Conor has just published a new report for UNESCO: Gender and Creativity: Progress on the precipice. The report is based on more than a year of research and collaboration with UNESCO and partners assessing our collective progress towards gender equality in cultural and media industries. It’s also sounding a warning: progress is far from guaranteed, especially not at this extremely precarious moment. As UNESCO puts it in announcing the report: “Despite recent progress in promoting gender equality in the cultural and creative sectors, including as a result of the watershed #MeToo movement, a new report by UNESCO reveals that much work still remains. Released on the occasion of International Women’s Day, the new publication, Gender & Creativity: Progress on the Precipiceexplores existing – and at times widening – gender gaps in the field of culture and calls for a new commitment and transformative actions for the promotion of gender equality. The report also highlights innovative gender equality policies, measures and programmes from around the world that can serve as a model for policymakers.” The full report is available to download here: