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Gigabitesback – CMCI community – sharing resilience

At a time like this, our first thoughts are for everyone’s health and wellbeing. We are a community of students, staff and alumni drawn from many parts of the world, and our experiences of the current crisis will take many forms depending on our own circumstances and current conditions of ’social distancing’ and ‘isolation’. Nevertheless, we are brought together by the interests and commitments that we have in common –  not least those that come under the label of ‘Culture, Media and Creative Industries’ – CMCI. It is in light of these shared interests that we are writing to you now to introduce ‘Gigabitesback’.
At its simplest – Gigabitesback is an online forum dedicated to the CMCI community for saying ‘hello’, connecting with each other, and sharing ideas. We’d like it ‘to make a difference’.
The name ‘Gigabitesback’ references a) the gig economy – where so many in arts and culture work and are facing great uncertainty in their futures; b) the online space we are now working (requiring gigabytes of memory); and c) the opportunity, or perhaps requirement we feel to use our collective skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to do something to help – to be resilient – to ‘bite back’!
So – how can YOU get involved. Join one of our initial meetings to find out. The plan is to hold these every Wednesday over the coming weeks at 10.00 and then repeated at 16.00 GMT (to accommodate different time zones).
Links to join the meetings are below:
Join at 10.00 GMT on Wednesdays
Join at 16.00 GMT  on Wednesdays
Between us we have an extraordinary wealth of knowledge, experience and creativity to bring to the current situation. We’d like to support people working across the arts, cultural, media and creative sectors (including many of our alumni). Share both your challenges and your solutions – your great ideas – with others across the CMCI community. You can do this by posting a short note on our Gigabitesback note-wall here (alumni will have ‘guest’ access so posts will be anonymous – but you can add your professional contact details in your note – if you’re happy for this to be shared across the CMCI community).
Take care everyone, and thank you!
CMCI Gigabites team

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