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INAUGURAL LECTURE: This Thing Called Art – Nick Wilson, Professor of Culture & Creativity

The Great Hall, King’s College London, 12 February, 18.30-21.30

If you’re wondering what we mean by ‘this thing called art’, then join us in the Great Hall on 12th February and listen to the inaugural lecture by CMCI Professor Nick Wilson. Prof. Wilson suggests there is much more at stake than the creation and enjoyment of artworks, the specialised work of professional artists, or, indeed, the sector we call the arts. In a wide-ranging and personal talk, he argues for a radical new account of art that acknowledges its central role in experiencing, valuing and connecting with self, with each-other, and with the world. How we respond to the major challenges of our time, including the persecutory nature of contemporary global society and climate emergency, depends upon our coming to recognise the value of this aesthetic knowing for ourselves.

The lecture is free, but places are limited, so please book here:


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