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Sixteen Sixty Six and All That


Just back from Sweden is CMCI’s Professor Richard Howells, who was invited to give a lecture, workshop and a research seminar at Lund University, which was founded in 1666.

His lecture and workshop were about defining and researching visual culture, while his research seminar was on his current work in progress on a famous literary spat between English novelists Arnold Bennett and Virginia Woolf.

The research seminar was part of Lund University’s KOM Public Seminars series (our picture shows the brochure cover), run by their Department of Communication and Media.

In Lund, Professor Howells was hosted by Professor Annette Hill, who is also a visiting Professor here at CMCI. Richard Howells, who is our Professor of Cultural Sociology, also met with some of Professor Hill’s PhD students and discussed their own research projects over what we understand was a very agreeable lunch.


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