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Queer Museology

Queeer Museology

Drs Red Chidgey and Serena Iervolino have been hosting a workshop and a pop-up residency as part of their Queer Museology research project.

They want to explore what a queer museum would look (or feel) like and which practices would be needed to change, transform or ‘queer’ a museum space?

The residency incorporated three queer and trans artists, Joanna Lawn in collaboration with Colin Lievens, and Daniel Fountain, who were invited to transform an empty office in King’s Arts and Humanities Research Institute Reach space by creating a new artwork. The project was supported by two CMCI MA students, Viktoria Szanto and Jeroen van Dijk, employed as research assistants.

They also hosted a workshop with delegates from Tate, V&A, Pitt Rivers Museum, the Science Gallery London, activists from Queer Britain and academics from Royal Holloway university. If you want to follow the residency and discussion event, the twitter account is: @QueerMuseology


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