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Intersemiotic Journeys

intersemiotic book cover

Dr Ricarda Vidal is celebrating the successful launch event for her new book: Translating across Sensory and Linguistic Borders: Intersemiotic Journeys between Media (Palgrave 2019), co-edited with Madeleine Campbell. The well-attended event was held here at King’s.

The volume draws together theoretical and creative contributions from translators, artists, performers, academics and curators who have explored “intersemiotic translation” in their practice.

The contributions offer a practitioner’s perspective on this rapidly evolving, interdisciplinary field which spans semiotics, cognitive poetics, psychoanalysis and transformative learning theory.

Ricarda and Madeleine explained the theoretical framework that informed their research before presenting a simultaneous reading of the two prose poems which they wrote in lieu of a conclusion to their book. Literary translator, gender activist and poet Jen Calleja then performed her feminist intersemiotic translations of Christian Marclay’s The Clock into poetry.

The Maugham Library at KCL stocks the book both as hard copy and e-book. Alternatively, the introduction and conclusion can be downloaded free from:


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