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Rolling the DISCE

Dresden 2

A team of CMCI researchers have begun work on the €2.9 project, Developing Inclusive and Sustainable Creative Economies (DISCE), funded by the European Commission (Horizon 2020).

Building on their previous work on creative labour, creative eco-systems and cultural policy, the KCL teamRoberta Comunian, Bridget Conor, Tamsyn Dent, Jonathan Gross and Nick Wilson – are collaborating with researchers at universities in Finland, Italy and Latvia.

All four research teams have now met in in Dresden, Germany, alongside two project partners: the cultural communications agency Cumediae, and Trans Europe Halles (TEH) – a network of 109 independent cultural organisations across the EU.

In Dresden, the DISCE team had the opportunity to discuss which ten European cities they will work with as case studies. Roberta Comunian took part in a panel discussion with cultural leaders and policy makers, addressing the future of creative economies in the EU, while CMCI’s new Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Tamsyn Dent, participated in TEH’s co-creation lab – hearing more about the priorities and concerns of this group of cultural workers.

You can keep an eye here on the CMCI blog – and on the DISCE website and twitter feed – for further updates over the next three years.


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