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New Year: New CMCI Publications!

Congratulations to Dr Ricarda Vidal who has published a brace of books to welcome in 2019. First is Revolve:R, the yellow edition, which (as you can tell from the accompanying image) is, indeed, an arresting yellow (third) edition of this artist book. It results from a 2-year-long correspondence between visual artists, poets, filmmakers and sound artists and comprises visual artworks, poetry, video art and soundscapes. Ricarda’s interest in intersemiotic translation is also extended in Translating across Sensory and Linguistic Borders: Intersemiotic Journeys between Media (co-edited with Madeleine Campbell). Systematically engaging with contemporary discourses across the performing arts, philosophy, religion and neuroscience, Ricarda’s book has been described as “a cutting-edge statement about how humans generate meaning in all areas of life.” (Karen Bennett, Nova University Lisbon)

Additionally, it is exciting to welcome Dr Hye-Kyung Lee’s brand-new Routledge Handbook of Cultural and Creative Industries in Asia (co-edited with Lorraine Lim). As the first handbook of CCIs in Asia, it offers interesting case studies from 12 different societies including not only East Asian cultural powerhouses but also many Southeast Asian countries as well as India. An added bonus – it includes a chapter on ‘The artepreneurial ecosystem in Singapore’, co-authored by CMCI’s Dr Roberta Comunian.


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