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Third Edition of Richard Howells’ Visual Culture

VCIII Cover 2019

CMCI’s Professor Richard Howells is celebrating the New Year with the publication of the third edition of his Visual Culture (Cambridge: Polity Press, 2019).

Howells contends that since the first edition came out in 2003, the importance of taking the visual seriously -and learning how to read it- has only increased. His former CMCI PhD student Dr Joaquim Negrieros came on board with the second edition in 2012, and this third edition (2019) adds new sections on taste and judgement; on images for power, fear and seduction; and on video games as new media. There is a new glossary, and for the first time the whole book is in colour with over 50 illustrations.

The cover (pictured) continues the tradition of the earlier editions by taking a “new media” perspective on a traditional oil painting –this time a manipulation of Gainsborough’s “Mrs and Mrs Andrews” of circa 1750. The original is in London’s National Gallery. Previous editions have been translated into Korean and Chinese.

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