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Cruel Optimism

Annette Best

What don’t you normally see when you watch a reality television programme? The answer is –or should be- the “warm-up” act; the entertainers who routinely perform before and during breaks in the televised show.

These professionals are an important part of the craft of making TV in front of a live audience, but are little recognised in both the industry and related academic research.

Visiting speaker Annette Hill, however, went some way to putting that right in her CMCI research seminar in which she spoke about her research into this “absent presence” in contemporary television.

Annette (pictured), who is a Professor of Media and Communication at Lund University, Sweden, and currently Visiting Professor here at King’s College London, argued that study of the warm-up act highlighted “cruel optimism” of the creative industries today.

Next up: Guest speaker Dr Tommy Tse, Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at The University of Hong Kong will present his research into fashion consumption in Korea and China. The seminar takes place on Wednesday, 28 November, from 16.00-18.00, in room G.01, Norfolk Nuilding, Strand campus. As ever, there will be the opportunity for questions and discussion after the presentation.


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