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CMCI’s Professor Richard Howells continues his (academic) interest in art forgery with a review of Shaun Greenhalgh’s autobiography: A Forger’s Tale: Confessions of the Bolton Forger in The Times Higher Education.

Greenhalgh is self-taught man from Lancashire who claims to have fooled the fine art establishment with a variety of fake works of art including “La Bella Principessa” (pictured) -which is attributed by others to Leonardo da Vinci. He made a comfortable living from it all until he was caught and sentenced to more than four years in prison.

Howells concludes: “Could his autobiography be one of Greenhalgh’s finest creations?”

Professor Howells has published a number of items on art forgery and also appeared on BBC television talking about his prized (by him) collection of fake drawings supposedly by LS Lowry.

The review can be found in the Higher’s “What are you reading?” column, billed as: “A weekly look over the shoulders of our scholar-reviewers”. It’s at


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