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On the Road and On the Air: A Vision for Women and Virtual Reality

Sarah Stuttgart - Copy

Our Head of Department, Dr Sarah Atkinson, has been on the road and on the air talking about her research on gender and the virtual reality industry.

Funded by the Canadian-backed Refiguring Innovation in Games Project, Sarah’s activities have been numerous and varied, including a two-day workshop here at KCL which brought together 20 leading women from the VR sector to work on a manifesto for the industry.

The vision was formally launched at two industry technology conferences – the new.New Festival in Stuttgart, Germany and the Augmented World Expo festival in Munich. Sarah  is pictured (left) with project collaborators Helen W. Kennedy and Catherine Allen.

She then went on to present the research findings at the ReFig annual conference at the University of British Columbia, Canada, and is currently working on a related publication with Vicki Callahan at the University of Southern California: Atkinson, S. and Callahan, V. (2018) Mixed Realities: Gender, Precarity, and New Models of Work in the Convergence Economy, Wane State University Press.

The project has received a great deal of media interest including an interview with Sarah and colleagues on the BBC World Service “Click” programme. You can hear it and Sarah at:

The vision itself is published at


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