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“For someone who doesn’t much like camping…”

Tent City Cropped

It’s not always obvious what CMCI people do when they are not at work. This blog does not seek to pry into their private lives…. but we can reveal that our programme administrator Rebecca Whitaker has returned from a week volunteering with Help Refugees in Calais, France.

Help Refugees are a grass-roots charity created in the final months of the Calais “Jungle”, and they seek to provide food, clothes, and shelter. Becca kicked off her contribution by working in “Tent World” (pictured), admitting in her blog: “For someone who doesn’t much like camping and is fairly short, tent world was a challenge…”

And so to the kitchen, where she put in hard hours peeling garlic -a big job when you consider that the Refugee Community Kitchen serves around 2000 meals every day in Calais and Dunkirk.

For the full story of Becca’s varied time in Calais, see her blog “Glass Curls” at: This is turn includes links to relevant charities and organisations.


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