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CMCI Student Opens Art Gallery in Milan

tommaso-calabro Gallery

There cannot be too many PhD students who are combining their studies with opening their own art gallery, but step forward CMCI’s Tommaso Calabro!

Tomasso (pictured) has marked the opening of his new gallery in Milan’s Piazza San Sepolcro with his inaugural exhibition: “Twombly and Tancredi: Homage to Cardazzo”.

And although his premises in the Palazzo Mariettiare are distinctly neo-classical, Tommaso is determinedly specialising in modern and contemporary art.

His opening exhibition pays homage to the Italian gallerist and art dealer Carlo Cardazzo (1908-1963), and to two artists he particularly admired: Cy Twombly (1928-2011) and Tancredi Parmeggiani (1927-1964). It runs until November 30th at Tommaso Calabro Galleria D’Arte, Piazza San Sepolcro, 220123 Milan, Italy: see

Tomasso is currently pursuing his doctoral studies in CMCI, researching a thesis on the establishment of value in the contemporary art market. His supervisor is Professor Richard Howells.


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