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Double Whammy

Cohen Who's In The Money Cover Burke Occupation Cover Image1

Congratulations to Drs Harvey G Cohen and Wendy Burke on contributing to a CMCI “double whammy” in the American scholarly journal Film History. Both their recent books have been selected by the journal’s editorial staff for their contributions to new scholarship in the history of cinema.

For Harvey it’s his Who’s in the Money? The Great Depression Musicals and Hollywood’s New Deal (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2018); for Wendy it’s her Images  of  Occupation  in  Dutch  Film:  Memory,  Myth,  and  the Cultural Legacy of War (Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2017).

Harvey G Cohen is a cultural historian and Senior Lecturer at CMCI; Wendy Burke is a recent CMCI PhD graduate who’s book is the result of her doctoral dissertation, researched under the supervision of Professor Richard Howells.

We are also delighted to reveal here that Wendy’s book has made the shortlist for the Louis Hartlooper Prize for Best Film Publication, as part of this autumn’s Netherlands Film Festival, the winner to be announced at the Festival late September. Good luck Wendy!

You can read about both books in Film History, 30.2, pp. 199–207. It is an international journal published in the USA by the Indiana University Press.


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