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Utopia is always worth thinking about, and CMCI’s Professor Richard Howells has been talking and writing about it, too.

He began with an invited presentation to the “Is Utopia Possible?” event, which was part of the Bonas MacFarlane extension lecture series for non-traditional university applicants, held at the London School of Economics. This is part of a pro bono initiative by the firm for supporting academically ambitious students from widening participation backgrounds across the UK.

Two days later, his review of Michael Robertson’s The Last Utopians: Four Late 19th Century Visionaries and Their Legacy (Princeton University Press, 2018) was published in The Times Higher Education, June 28 to July 04, 2018 p. 50. The online version is available here:

Our image shows a detail from “La Mode”, an illustration from J. J. Grandville’s Un Autre Monde (Another World) from 1844.

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