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Museums and Participation


Our 2017-18 CMCI research seminar series ended on a high note with a well-attended presentation: “Museums and Participation- Who Goes.. (and who doesn’t?).”

Our guest speaker, Dr Lisanne Gibson, said that the audience for museums is overwhelmingly predicted by an individual’s level of income and education: Museum visitors are predominantly white and middle class. This led to a need to rethink how museums could better offer a service to the majority, now and into the future.

Her presentation drew upon interviews and emerging findings from the AHRC-funded research project: “Understanding Everyday Participation”.

Lisanne Gibson is based at the School of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. She has worked in the field of cultural policy studies for over 25 years and focuses especially on cultural participation and value. The CMCI research seminar series is organised by our director of research, Professor Jeanette Steemers.

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