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CMCI MA Student’s Research Featured in the Independent


Research that began as a collaborative dissertation project carried out by a former CMCI MA student Qiuling Liu has been featured in the Independent.

Quiling’s dissertation research led to her published report “Breaking the Binary: Exploring the Role of Media Representation of Trans People in Constructing a Safer and More Inclusive Social Environment”. According to the Independent: “A recent report by King’s College London found that negative representations of trans people in the media can worsen dysphoria causing feelings of shame.”

Recommendations from the report include the need to involve more trans people in the production of media content in order to create safer and more inclusive social environments for trans communities.

You can read the article at: The executive summary of the report can be accessed here:

Quiling’s research was carried out in association with On Road Media and supervised by Dr Red Chidgey, Lecturer in Gender and Media in CMCI.

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