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Life in Death, Life After Death: The story of Taiwan’s LGBTQ pioneer


The Taiwanese writer Qiu Miaojin (1969-1995) committed suicide in Paris aged twenty-six, leaving behind a handful of short stories and two full length novels, Notes of a Crocodile (1994) and Last Words from Montmartre (1996)Both novels are now recognised as part of the lesbian literary canon.

Now Qiu Miaojin’s story has been taken up in an article by CMCI’s Dr Wing-Fai Leung (pictured) in a special issue of Taiwan Insight, the online magazine of the Taiwan Studies Programme.

The Taiwan Studies Programme (TSP), housed within the Institute of Asia and Pacific Studies at the University of Nottingham is dedicated to developing wider and sustained scholarly interest in the study, research and teaching of the politics, culture, society, external relations and economy of Taiwan.

You can read the full story here:


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