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The Spirit of ’68


CMCI’s Professor Richard Howells has just returned from France as an invited member of the Délégation de King’s College Londres to L’université Paris Diderot (also known as Paris 7).

The two days of meetings in Paris were held to consolidate research collaborations between King’s and Diderot. It was agreed that research events will be held in both London and Paris for three years under the themes of Liberté, égalité, and fraternité.

In May 2018, King’s will also host a joint conference with Diderot to mark the 50th anniversary of the “Mai ‘68” uprisings in France. Here, student protest and university occupations played a prominent part -and also resulted in the dissolution of the old Sorbonne in 1970, resulting in the establishment of Université Paris 7 –and 12 others- the following year as part of a reconstituted University of Paris system.

The KCL delegation comprised representatives from Film, Law, German, Political Economy (represented by the Head of School, Social Science and Public Policy) English and Comparative Literature, in addition to CMCI. The KCL delegation was led by Professor Ziad Elmarsafy, Head of Comparative Literature at King’s.

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