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Hollywood Made in China


CMCI’s Research Seminar series got off to a strong start with an extremely well-attended presentation on Hollywood and China.

Our guest speaker, Professor Aynne Kokas (University of Virginia, USA) argued that the growth of China’s media market is transforming Hollywood “from the inside out” as the two “behemoths” veer unsteadily between collaboration and competition.

Even as the Chinese market is increasingly relying on Hollywood studio films to garner large box office takings in Chinese cinemas, said Professor Kokas (pictured), the Chinese government is simultaneously cracking down on other foreign media content. Lively discussion followed.

Professor Kokas’ talk was based on her recent book: Hollywood Made in China (University of California Press, 2017). Our next CMCI research seminar is on November 22nd, when we welcome Professor David Gauntlett (University of Westminster). For details of all our forthcoming research seminars, go to:


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