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Children’s Television


Children’s TV is something we all remember. But there is more to it than nostalgia: it’s also important.

There’s a welcome, then, for CMCI Professor Jeanette Steemers’ edited special edition on “Children’s Television in Transition”, published by the Sage journal Media International Australia.

If you are interested in policy and industry issues relating to children’s content, you can access all the articles free until June 10th here:

You might especially be interested in Children’s television in transition: policies, platforms and production by Anna Potter and Jeanette Steemers, and

International perspectives on the funding of public service media content for children by Jeanette Steemers.


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  1. This has actually been one of the best articles i have checked out. It was actually very informative.Looking forward for a lot more blogs of this particular in near coming future


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