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Transforming the Digital Landscape

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As our term draws to a close in 2016, we are already planning ahead for our research symposium on “Digital Distribution and Entertainment” in January next year.

Music streaming, video-on-demand and downloadable games are just some of the signs of how digital distribution is transforming the landscape of entertainment media. Digital delivery dematerializes while rematerializing the means of disseminating entertainment. For media industries, the potential of digital distribution to disrupt traditional structures has been accompanied by the emergence of new power players as cultural gatekeepers.

It’s organized by CMCI Head of Department Paul McDonald and speakers include our own Virginia Crisp; Andrew Leyshon (University of Nottingham); Amanda Lotz (University of Michigan); Jeanette Steemers (CMCI); and Patrick Vonderau (Stockholm University).

It takes place on Wednesday 18 January 2017 from 13.30-18.00hrs, followed by a wine reception 18.00-19.00hrs in Room S-3.20, Strand Building, King’s College London.

For full details visit:

This event is free but as places are restricted booking is required. Please register at:

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