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The Hipster Handbook


CMCI subcultures specialist Dr Ruth Adams is a contributor to the BBC Four television documentary:  ‘Peter York’s Hipster Handbook’.

In the programme, social commentator Peter York seeks to understand what he sees as the modern obsession with ‘the authentic’. He travels to America to look at parallels between the UK and the United States, and speaks to crafts people and commentators on his journey to understand the current cultural moment.

York also examines where the label of the ‘hipster’ has its roots and whether it is too general a term for such a broad movement. He demonstrates through his years of marketing and advertising experience that subcultures have always been absorbed and repackaged by the mainstream.

Other contributors include The Times deputy fashion editor Harriet Walters, the Guardian architecture critic Oliver Wainwright, and Sir John Hegarty.

You can watch the programme at:

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