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The first of CMCI’s research seminars kicks off on Thursday, September 29th when we welcome Professor Stuart Cunningham from Queensland University of Technology, Australia as our guest speaker.

Professor Cunningham will be speaking on: “ The New Screen Ecology of Social Media Entertainment”.

Professor Cunningham will argue that in the 21st century, established Hollywood players, norms, principles and practices are ceding significant power and influence to new digital streaming platforms. Just as notably, digital platforms, preeminently YouTube, have started to represent a greater value proposition to the advertising industry that has served as the bulwark for legacy media since the middle of the last century.

The seminar takes place from 17.00-18.30hrs on  29 September 2016 in room, in theK3.11 King’s Building, Strand campus. All staff and students are welcome. Stuart Cunningham is Distinguished Professor of Media and Communications at Queensland University of Technology and was recently a Fulbright Senior Fellow.


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