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Change at the Top


It’s change at the top of CMCI this month as Professor Anna Reading steps down having successfully finished her term of office as Head of Department (2013-16).

Professor Reading, together with Research Director, Dr Paul Sweetman, led the department’s successful Research Excellent Framework submission in which CMCI was ranked No.1 in its field for the UK in Research Power; she provided work and training for CMCI’s PHD students by bringing in a new scheme for Graduate Teaching Assistants; she oversaw the successful Programme Review of the MACCI in 2013 as well as the introduction of a new programme, the MA in Arts and Cultural Management. She oversaw the appointment of ten new permanent staff including two new Professors.  She worked hard to obtain more funds for masters student activities and staff research.  She oversaw the provision of a new postgraduate research room and an internationally competitive CMCI annual conference, as well as refurbishment and waymarking of CMCI in the Chesham and Norfolk buildings.

Asked what she felt her best achievement was she said: “The REF result of course which has been terrific in terms of providing staff with more research funds, but I was also just thrilled with  being able to contribute to  improving  gender equality in CMCI.” Professor Reading enabled six women to gain promotion including at a senior level.  “CMCI is now a very positive place to work in which students and staff  are able to excel and support each other to thrive”, she said.

Professor Reading also combined her head of department responsibilities with invited keynotes around the world, the publication of an edited book, Cultural Memories of Nonviolent Struggles: Powerful Times (Palgrave 2015) and a new monograph Gender and Memory in the Globital Age (Palgrave 2016) . She also wrote for the theatre, jointly edited the international journal Media Culture and Society and was made Principle Investigator on a large Australia Research Council Discovery Award on Data Centres and the Governance of Labour as well as a Dutch Network bid with six other countries on digital memories of the Shoah.

Professor Reading has been rewarded with a year’s research leave for 2016-17 in which to lead funded research projects and research a new book. Professor Reading now hands over to our new Head of Department Professor Paul McDonald.


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