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“Our name is humankind, not humancruel”

Reading Cover 2015

Our head of department Professor Anna Reading has a new book out this month. Cultural Memories of Nonviolent Struggles: Powerful Times is co-edited with her friend and colleague Tamar Katriel, who is currently Visiting Professor with CMCI until October. The opening line is “Our name is humankind, not humancruel”.

The book marks a new trajectory in Memory Studies by examining cultural memories of nonviolent struggles including Gandhi’s Salt March, the suffragette struggle in Britain, the anti-nuclear campaign at Greenham Common, Poland’s Solidarity movement, and Palestinian activism against The Wall.

The essays explore how memories of nonviolent struggles are mobilized through digital archiving, documentary film-making, video-gaming, and on-the-ground practices such as music, memorial museums, and the building of monuments. The book opens up new pathways of human hope and agency to the study of cultural memory. More details at:

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