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Christina Scharff on BBC Radio 3


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Dr Christina Scharff was interviewed on the BBC Radio 3 programme ‘Music Matters’ about her research on equality and diversity in the classical music profession. Her full report is available for download on her website: and you can listen to the interview at:

It has been a very busy time for Dr Scharff, who was invited to discuss her research in Paris, Birmingham, London, and Leicester. Events included the ‘Classical Music and its audiences in the Digital Age’ conference in Paris, while Christina launched her report ‘Equality and Diversity in the Classical Music Profession’ at the Advance Network meeting at City Hall in Birmingham.


1 thought on “Christina Scharff on BBC Radio 3”

  1. Curious to know why I cannot now find “Lucia”, which was a ROH broadcast and supposed to be on for this week.


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