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Coming up: Translation Games

TG collage

CMCI’s Dr Ricarda Vidal invites you to join her and collaborator Pavle Ninkovic for a journey into the wonderful world of translation within fine arts and literature.

They are staging a workshop called: “Far Within Us – A Translation Game in Art and Poetry”.

They’ll begin by presenting the work produced in previous Translation Games events, such as translations from flash fiction to film, from film to ceramics or choreography, from concrete poetry to scent. They will discuss the fine line between translation, interpretation and response. What does translation mean within different contexts and how can we define language beyond the linguistic realm?

For the remainder of the workshop they will challenge participants to translate a visual translation of a poem by Vasko Popa back into words. The original poem was written in Serbian and has been translated by artist Danka Dimitrijevic into the more international language of images. They will also provide a recording of the original poem in Serbian for non-Serbian speakers as well as a German translation for Serbian speakers.

No foreign languages are needed to participate in this workshop, but you’ll have to enjoy the creative, imaginative and playful use of language – be it linguistic or artistic.

Time and place: Wed 22 October 2014, 6.30pm – 8pm, Glass Suites, Franklin Wilkins Building, King’s College London, but places are limited, so please book here:


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