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Going “Globital”: Beyond Digital Memory in Brazil


Five researchers from CMCI have just returned from Brazil after playing a leading role in a British Council funded Researcher Links initiative between six UK academic institutions and the University of Sao Paulo. The fully-funded three-day workshop entitled ‘Beyond the Digital: Collective Memory and Conflict in the Digital Age’ intensively developed research collaboration between British and Brazilian based academics working in the area of cultural memory and the digital media industries.

Cultural and digital memory expert Professor Anna Reading was invited by the British Council to act as a mentor from CMCI. She also gave a keynote “Globital Memory and Digital Technologies”: “Globital” being a phrase coined by Professor Reading for “unevenly globalized digital memory.”

She flew out to Sao Paulo along with nationally-selected CMCI Early Career Researchers, Dr Paolo Gerbaudo, Dr Red Chidgey, Dr Jessica Rapson and Dr Fidele Vlavo. Professor Reading said, “By the end of the three days three exciting new collaborative research projects on cultural memory had emerged with Kings early careers researchers working alongside those from Brazil. I will continue to mentor them along with senior colleagues from the UK and Brazil so that we can generate a number of new funding applications ”. Early career researcher Dr Jessica Rapson added “ The workshop was a fantastic opportunity. It was incredibly hard work but enabled me to develop new networks with colleagues in Brazil as well as an understanding of funding mechanisms in both countries”.

The workshop included visits to the Musea de Pessoa (Museum of the Person) as well as to ABERJE – the Brazilian Association for Business Communication, and had further keynotes by Brazilian film maker Jorge Bodanzsky, Professor Gilson Schwartz from the University of Sao Paulo, Dr Joanne Garde-Hansen from the University of Warwick and Professor Mike Pickering from the University of Loughborough. The three day workshop was streamed live and gained more than 250 international followers on its Facebook group: .


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