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Dr Paolo Gerbaudo speaks on ‘Anarcho-populism’

Dr Paolo GerbaudoDr Paolo Gerbaudo, lecturer in Digital Culture and Society (Department of Culture, Media & Creative Industries and Department of Digital Humanities), has been interviewed on BBC Radio 4 Analysis, for the 3 February 2014 episode titled The Philosophy of Russell Brand. Dr Gerbaudo has argued that the famous interview given by Russell Brand on Newsnight in December 2013, that has created so much attention among the UK public is a manifestation of that growing trend that he has named “anarcho-populism”.
During the programme, Dr Gerbaudo discussed the nature of anarcho-populism as a cultural convergence between neoanarchism and populist politics, facilitated by the current economic and political crisis. The episode also hosted a number of leading intellectuals of the current wave of protest movements, including the anthropologist David Graeber, credited with the invention of the slogan “we are the 99%” and political theorist Michael Hardt, the co-author of Multitude and Empire.


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