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A CCI Research Group Explores the Current Status of Festival Production

On Thursday 28 November 2013, at King’s College London, the MA CCI Popular Culture and Representation Research Group put on their inaugural event, partly funded by CMCI’s Student Society.  The session, entitled “The Relevance of Cultural Festivals in the 21st Century,” brought together entrepreneurs, curators and professionals from three different and original London festivals for an animated live discussion: Flora Bradwell and Alix Taylor (co-founders, Greenhorn Short Film Festival); Laura Harford (project curator, The Floating Cinema) and Philip Ilson (festival director, London Short Film Festival).
Check out these festivals’ websites to see some of the imaginative work they do:


Topics discussed during the event included curation aesthetics, marketing strategies, community building, and economic survival and profit, the latter term unfortunately a rare occurrence in this world.  Over 40 MA CCI students attended, and many students united to organise the event, which was MC’ed by MA CCI students Samuel Hall and Alexander Morvaridi.

The flyer in this blog post was created by Samuel Hall, and the snapshots were taken by Sarah Kinney.

The MA CCI Popular Culture & Representation Research Group is already mulling over ideas for their spring event, which they promise will be even more elaborate and ambitious than this event.



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