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Guten Abend, Herr Bond


CMCI’s Dr Richard Howells has been interviewed by ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen), Germany’s national public service television station, about the 50th anniversary of James Bond on film.

The interviewers were keen to know how Bond had changed over the years, especially in the films’ representations of Britishness and women since the first picture (“Dr No”) was released in 1962. Howells is particularly interested in how female character names such as “Pussy Galore” and “Plenty O’Toole” will be translated into German when the feature is broadcast this week.

The interview was recorded on the South Bank with the Houses of Parliament providing a suitably British backdrop. The 23rd Bond film, “Skyfall” is premiered later this month.

Update: to see how it sended up on German televsion, see:

News at 5/7:

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