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London, Sussex, London (again) and Cambridge: Howells in Demand

Richard 2010 128x128

CMCI’s Dr Richard Howells has a busy season of public engagements lined up with autumn. He kicks off at London’s Barbican Centre on October 21st as a panellist in the debate “Research for the sake of it?” staged by the Institute of Ideas, which is directed by Claire Fox.

On November 15 he travels to Sussex to give a lecture: “Copies and Translations: Roger Fry and the Omega Workshops” to the Charleston Trust at Charleston Farmhouse, the county “home” of the Bloomsbury set. This ties in with one of his current research projects on British art, design and aesthetics.

Back to London on 18th November to lecture on: “Re-sinking the Titanic: One Hundred Years On” at Kenwood House in Hampstead. A second, revised and expanded edition of Richard’s The Myth of the Titanic (London and New York, Palgrave, 2012) was published this year as part of the centenary of the Titanic disaster in 1912.

He will repeat this lecture on 24th November at Emmanuel College Cambridge, where he began his long-running interest in the Titanic in popular culture as a PhD student in the 1990s. His most recent scholarly article: “One Hundred Years of the Titanic on Film”, was published in the Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, Volume 32, number 1, March 2012, pp. 73-93.


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