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CMCI in demand for policy advice

Ministry of Culture Denmark logoProfessor Andy Pratt has been busy advising policy makers in recent weeks.
First he had a meeting – hosted by the British Council – with experts from UK cultural policy institutions (Creative England, NESTA, TSB), and senior figures from the UN agencies UNCTAD and WIPO. They discussed the current development of cultural and creative industries policy, and future directions.
Second, the newly appointed Minister of Culture for Denmark, Uffe Elbaek, asked a number of UK policy experts, including Andy, to brief him on current policy issues and challenges. The meeting was hosted by the Ambassador at the Royal Danish Embassy in London. [Sadly, this is the closest Andy will get to appearing in the hit TV political drama series ‘Borgen’!] Denmark is currently hosting the European Presidency.
Uffe Elbaek recently wrote this article about artists and the recession :


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