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New article in Feminism & Psychology

Christina Scharff’s piece ‘It is a colour thing and a status thing, rather than a gender thing’: Negotiating difference in talk about feminism just appeared in Feminism & Psychology. If you’d like to know more, read the abstract or go to Christina Scharff’s CMCI website to access a pre-print version of the article.
Young women’s rejection of feminism is well-recognized if seemingly paradoxical. Based on 40 qualitative interviews with a diverse group of German and British research participants, this article adopts a performative approach to enhance our understanding of young women’s relationship with feminism. First, the article argues that rejections of feminism as anti-man, lesbian or unfeminine should be read as performances of femininity. Second, the article regards performances of femininity as racialized and classed. It traces how race and class are assumed in talk about feminism and examines how young women’s positionings intersect with feminist dis-identification. The construction of feminists as unfeminine, for example, posed particular challenges to women who were positioned at a distance from notions of ‘respectable femininity’ because of their class background. While the relationship between young women’s positionings and stances towards feminism is not predetermined, the article investigates how gender identity, sexuality, race and class matter in engagements with feminism.
Feminism & Psychology; 21(4) 458–476; DOI: 10.1177/0959353511419816


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