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On Wednesday, 28 September, CMCI Lecturer Harvey G. Cohen appeared on the BBC World Service’s World Update programme, which airs on over 100 NPR stations in the United States, as well as stations in Europe and Africa. He was asked to comment about the 20th anniversary of the death of jazz legend Miles Davis, which was difficult to do in just 5 minutes of airtime, but Cohen made his best attempt, featuring tracks from four different albums, and trying to sum up Davis’ musical and historical significance. Hopefully, his last comments did not upset too many jazz fans around the world. You can hear the show for 5 more days at this address, Cohen’s segment starts at about 47:00 on the podcast.

Next week, on Tuesday 4 October, Cohen talks about his book Duke Ellington’s America on Dr Alvin Jones’ “Business of Wisdom” programme on WHFS-AM in Washington, D.C., a CBS radio affiliate, at 11:45AM London time. Duke Ellington’s America came out in paperback this month in the United States; the front cover graphic illustrates this post, and you can check out the back cover of the book here.


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