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CMCI hosts international symposium

On the 13th of September, CMCI hosted the international symposium ‘Images, Publics and Health: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives’. The symposium brought together historians, psychologists, sociologists and media scholars to consider the dynamics involved in the public circulation of health-related images and its impact on the politics of health and illness. The politics of ‘sex’ and ‘reproduction’ formed the focus of the presentations. Topics covered include: the public debates regarding the HPV vaccine, ‘sex’ in reality television, the image of AIDS’ ‘patient zero’, surgical modification of genitalia, pregnancy blogs and a viral global health campaign.
Prof. Sander L. Gilman delivered the keynote address. Presenters included Dr. Virginia Braun from the University of Auckland and Dr. Julie Roberts (from Warwick); Prof. Rosalind Gill, and Dr. Ofra Koffman from CMCI and Dr. Richard McKay from King’s History Department.


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