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“Groundbreaking Work”

There is glowing praise for a CMCI-based publication in the latest edition of the Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television.

It takes the form of a review of Using Visual Evidence, devised and edited by CMCI’s Dr Richard Howells, together with Professor Robert Matson of the University of Pittsburgh.

Quotations for the marquee include:

“…the sheer volume of ground covered is striking, and the collection’s editors have succeeded in their aim to offer a range useful for those studying ‘more recent forms of visual evidence’”

“This collection stands out, though, in that its wide range of sources, scholars and approaches help the reader identify where overarching comparisons might be made between seemingly disparate visual materials”

“a large number of the scholars are undoubtedly leaders in their fields… (and who) undertake groundbreaking work, the fruits of which appear in the collection.”

Using Visual Evidence is published in Maidenhead and New York by the Open University Press/McGraw Hill, 2009.


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